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Extending Living Space In Your Home

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When you first built your home, you likely had a very different life to the life you have now. Most newly married couples build their first homes together to suit their present needs and will usually be on a very tight budget and therefore their homes will be small, compact and will reflect that budget. However, because they are just two people and possibly working people who do not spend too much time at home, this little small compact home is completely sufficient and comfortable. There is no doubt that this story sounds familiar to you. However, as time goes by and your family starts to grow, you may need to start looking at other options such as extending your present home and looking for ways to accommodate more people.
Be creative
The truth is, you may not need to extend your home at all if you are creative enough and you learn to manage the space that you already have better. As an example, you could consider buying an attic access ladder and turning your existing attic in to a little bed room. It is space that you already have in your home that you possibly now using on storage but once converted, this attic can be turned in to an amazing room.
In fact, you can convert your attic in to a room that can accommodate two kids or even three if you are creative enough and if you make use of the space well. One way to make use of space well is to buy bunk beds that can be placed in one corner of the room in a perpendicular angle. This will take up a very little space in your attic and you will be able to also add a study area and a little wardrobe in to it while still maintaining enough space. You could even have a small roof access hatch that will give your kids the chance to have extra sun light as well as fresh air.
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Search the internet
Fortunately for you, this problem that you are having is a problem that many parents around the world face every day. For this reason, you are likely to find hundreds of amazing ideas on the internet for turning a small room in to a bedroom for multiple kids while giving the illusion that the room is much bigger than it actually is. You would be surprised to know that even the colour that you choose to pain your room can make an impression and give the illusion that the room is smaller or bigger than it already is.
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