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Services Given By Demolition Companies

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Present demolition companies do not limit their expertise to demolition only. They render a number of other services which are very useful. Here are a few of them.

1. Demolition

Demolition is the act of tearing apart a building or construction. This is the main service given out by a demolition contractor. This can be either done fully or partially. Partial demolition is when a certain section of a building is torn down while leaving another section. Houses and other small buildings are demolished manually or by large hydraulic breakers. However, larger buildings require wrecking balls, explosives etc.

2. Bin Hire

Bin hiring is another service. Companies have a wide range of bins from 2 metre bins to 10 metre bins, fitting for any of your requirements. After a demolition, these bins can be used to store the waste till they are disposed of.

3. Removals

Concrete, asbestos and soil removal is also done. If you are in need to remove a huge concrete slab, then you need to go for a concrete removal. They have all the necessary tools such as sledgehammers, jackhammers etc.

Asbestos is presently being removed from many premises. Since it is harmful for health, it is advised to get rid of all asbestos containing products. Hence an asbestos removal is needed.

If you have a pile of soil sitting in your backyard that came up due to some kind of digging, you can ask these people to remove it for you. A soil removal is no difficult task. It’s simply a matter of a phone call, and they will arrive with the necessary equipment.

4. Earthworks and excavation

This requires digging and moving soil from one place to another, later used for desired purposes. Such excavations are needed for much larger projects such as highway construction, drainage, railways etc.

5. Site clean up

After a major construction project or even a simple home demolition, you need to clean up your mess. Hence, demolition companies offer a wide range of clean up services so that even if you do your demolition activities by yourself, the clean-up will be done by them that is the most hated part of all.

Apart from the above there are other services such as site cuts, decommissioning, waste disposal etc. are also provided by a reputable demolition companies. Nowadays most companies pay attention to the ‘green’ effect where their aim is to have a minimum effect on the environment. Hence they strive to reduce environmental pollution by using high tech equipment, efficient disposal systems and many more. They majorly contribute to move towards a greener society.