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How Modern Days Weightometer Works

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Nowadays the meatometers are known in several ways. These all include the ordinary weightier, dynamic scale, conveyor scale, and then most importantly the in-motor weigher. Moreover, you will also find this equipment with different spellings like belt scale, and the belt weigher. Nowadays all the belt systems consist of the load cells, weight frame, a belt speed sensor, and the integrator. Moreover, the weight frames are typically composed of the little section of the steel channel with multiple sets of rollers on the idlers or the cross members. These all are specifically designed for the weighing applications. Moreover, these weight frames are mounted in the section of the conveyor which has been removed. Moreover, all the modern equipment the weight meter is used in heavy industries like coal, iron and mineral ores. These all industries primarily used the electrical signals.  Link here offer a good material to your conveyor needs.

Not only this to calculate the mass flow rate the electric signals combine with the load cells and the electrical signals. This will combine with the belt sensor device that in results will give you the electrical signals and this is called the integrator. The integrator is the micro pressor or the PLC that uses some sort of interface dives. When you know the mass and the speed of the belt than you can calculate the rate of the mass flow that is typically denoted by the kg per meters, the tonnes per hour. All the mass over the period can be simulated in an ideal way. Several factors are used to select the belt weigher. There is the number of load cell configurations like the fully suspended and the counterbalance. It can give you the best applications of the conveyor belts or the best weightometer applications.

Key features:

The detachable hopper:

It acts for an autoloader and for different types of mixtures different types of the plastic hopper are used.


It can carry a maximum payload of 150kgs simultaneously Braked wheels & machine stand for stability: It has braked wheels to ensure that the procedure of carriage is very stable and not having any loose ends.

Some other features include:

A folding bogey and two emergency mushroom-shaped buttons forklift holes to fascinate loading and all elements can be stacked up if required.


• Can be easily stacked up

• More useful for terrain places

• Very much efficient


• Always works on electric supply

• If not available, then it’s useless

• Consumes large space

Key features:

It is very portable especially the petrol version so just takes it out of your truck and it’s ready for work it works in both forward and reverses direction.


• very much efficient

• easy to use

• less costly


The purpose is to transport bulks of materials and bags easily and at any job site for transportation, it is very easy to transport sometimes it single dual or joined with others to fulfil needs it can also be settled horizontally.

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