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How To Fix Your House For The New Baby Or Toddler

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Babies and toddlers are notorious for going around and sticking their hands into places they should not. If you have a new baby coming into the house for a while and will be spending quite a bit of time in the house, then you need to baby proof the place. Unless you have the time and the energy to spare to watch over kid for the whole time, this is the best option for keeping the baby/toddler safe from unwanted dangers. 

The bath and faucet covers

The bathtub and the shower can be dangerous for baby heads. They can hit their heads on the faucet, or slip and fall to the floor and seriously damage their soft bones. You can go for the rubber mat to place on to the bathtub floor (which is great for your other kids as well).then there are also the different cute faucet covers made of rubber to put on the faucet (there is the Moby dick version and fish version). These spout covers make it easy for you to grab the shampoo without wondering if your kid will end up dead because of the spout. You can continue reading this article if you are looking for a solution in slippery floor.

The stairs and the safety stride stair nosings

If you have a toddler who likes to climb around the whole house, then you will need the safety stride stair nosings. These are great to have in your house whether or not you have a kid as it will keep your feet from slipping in the stairs. So the multiple cases of falling down the stairs and rolling down the stairs can be minimized to zero incidents thanks to these. Along with railing hangers for the height of your toddler, these are of vital importance to have in the house when concerning the staircase. It is also recommended to add some night lights for the staircase as a safety measure (even though it is unlikely that you baby will venture out that late).

Anti door slammers and door stoppers

Door stoppers are good to have in the house but a toddler may end up trying to eat it. So rather than having to rush to the hospital because your kid tried to eat a door stopper, go for a finger pinch guard. You can buy these at online stores and they are to be placed anywhere on the door ledge so as to stop the door from slamming. It will save many a broken bones of your kids.

The potty shut case to make the toilet seat lock onto the lid is the greatest way to stop your kids from climbing into the commode or ending up worse. Then you have the regular switch protectors and the table and chair edge protecting covers which are compulsory.